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Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Mohan Gulati.

I am a thought leader who defines strategy, builds digital products, creates processes while mentoring high-performing teams to achieve measurable results

You can reach me on LinkedIn or email  at


My Background

I am a senior digital product leader, working in the Canadian News Media space. At the heart of it, I am simply an entrepreneur who lives by the mantra Mobile First. 

I have over 5000 followers on LinkedIn and am in the process of creating a product-centric community around the brand ProductLabs.

My international career path has allowed me to develop expertise in technology, product management, user experience, design, and agile software development.

As a senior leader, I have built strategies for products created on every major digital platform: Web, native apps, mobile web, and wearables.

Driven by Purpose

I strive to connect with people, understand human nature, and thrive on doing work with great purpose.  I want my life to be part of something larger than just myself.

Do No Harm

I extract precision by systematically implementing processes that lead to creativity, accuracy and high-quality work.

Think Without Borders

I built a career looking at how to make things possible and deliver results even when the odds were stacked heavily, not in my favour. I accomplished this because I dared to think unconventionally.

Strength in Diversity

I have lived in multiple parts of the globe, working with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds.  I have learned how to put aside personal ego, listen, and extract insights by understanding other cultures subtly.

Success from Happiness

I have experienced success by objectively balancing disappointments and celebrating wins.  The joy of victory is magnified when shared with your peers.

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