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Web Fundamentals 101

It's early morning and I am sitting back sipping my Lavaza Espresso. It's Canada Day, a national holiday and I'm in the mood to reflect.

My teenage daughter, chose that moment, to delight her techie father by asking "how does the internet work"?. I have waited a very long time for any of my kids to show the even a remote interest in the work that I do. I leapt at the opportunity and quickly googled youtube to find some intro videos.

I found this great series of eight mini-videos by Perfect my for my kids age group or younger. If you've got a kid interested in learning fundamentals of coding this is a great resource.

While my daughter did not make it past the second video in this series, I watched them all and found them a great refresher and overview. Maybe you'll have better luck than me with your kids.

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